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Connect to Vivid Unit via SSH

Vivid Unit comes with a touchscreen and you can controll it with or without external monitor, keyboard and/or mouse. However if you prefer, you may also connect your Vivid Unit via SSH and remotely access it via your (bigger) computer. Please be reminded that SSH connection only provide you a command line interface, if you need a remote desktop eniroment, you should check out VNC.

What is SSH?

SSH stands for Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell. It is a network protocol that provides a secure way to access your Vivid Unit from another computer within the same network.

Enable/Disable SSH

By default Vivid Unit has SSH enabled, and you can disable SSH if you don’t want to expose this interface to others.

If you are not sure whether SSH is currently enabled, you can run this command to check it:

sudo systemctl status ssh

You will be able to see if the SSH server is currently running. The screenshot below gives an example of status for running SSH server, which means SSH is currently enabled.

If you want to disable SSH until next reboot, you can stop the SSH server with this command:

sudo systemctl stop ssh

If you check the SSH server status again, you will see:

However this status only last until next reboot. If you want to indefinitely disable SSH, you can use this command:

sudo systemctl disable ssh

After running this command, SSH server will not start automatically after reboot.

Connect to Vivid Unit via SSH

As long as SSH is enabled on Vivid Unit, you can remotely connect to Vivid Unit via SSH.

You will first need to find out what IP address is currently used by your Vivid Unit. You may run this command on your Vivid Unit:

ip address

This will tell you the IP address, which can be used to connect your Vivid Unit via SSH. Open the terminal window in your computer and then run this command to connect:

ssh [user_name]@[ip_address]

The user_name is the username used on your Vivid Unit, by default it is “vivid”. The ip_address is the IP address of your Vivid Unit. During the connection, it will ask you to input the password, by default the password is “unit”.

After connection, you can run command directly in the terminal window, and it just like running command directly on your Vivid Unit.