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Vivid Unit comes with decent CPU and RAM, 1280x720 screen and a speaker on board, all these make it a perfect hardware for running retro games. You may want to connect a joystick or a real keyboard to the USB port for better experience though.

In order to run retro games on Vivid Unit, you need to install emulator(s) for the system(s). We recommend RetroPie, which will install the most popular emulators to your device and provide a unified managing interface.

Remarks: Vivid Unit does NOT come with RetroPie pre-installed. You need to either install it by yoursefl, or flash the OS image that includes RetroPi.

If you don't mind erasing all data on your Vivid Unit, you may flash the system image with RetroPie installed into it. You can find the OS image with RetroPie installed here, and you can follow this tutorial to flash it into your Vivid Unit.

If you already use your Vivid Unit for a while and you have some important data on it, you may not want to reflash the whole system. You can still install RetroPie on your Vivid Unit's system. RetroPie provides user-friendly install script to have everything properly installed, however the process may take a while (about 2 hours when we tested it). Also the installation may fail because of some dependency issues, and we will try to address those issues here.